Autism Spectrum Disorder Services

We offer comprehensive speech and language therapy services for children and youth on the autism spectrum.

Our services focus on improving:

  • receptive and expressive language

  • joint attention

  • social communication skills

  • consistent use of alternative augmentative communication systems

Multi-disciplinary Team Approach

Every child is different so it is important to build a team that is the right fit. It is not uncommon for teams to include the following members:

  • speech language pathologists

  • occupational therapists

  • physiotherapists

  • behavior consultants & interventionists

Learn about the role of a Speech Language Pathologist on a multi-disciplinary autism team.

Working together

Following an initial meeting together, we will build a speech and language therapy program to address your family member's specific needs.  This process involves building an awareness of their unique history, conducting an assessment and identifying communication goals. We will also work with you to select a therapy location and schedule, as well as, assisting you to access available funding

We encourage you to contact us for a consultation


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm concerned that a family member may be on the spectrum. What should I look for?

If your child is exhibiting any of the following traits, we suggest you contact us for a consultation. Early identification and intervention are key success factors for therapy outcomes.

  • delay or absence of spoken language

  • looks through people; not aware of others

  • not responsive to other people’s facial expressions/feelings

  • lack of pretend play; little or no imagination

  • does not show typical interest in peers

  • lack of turn taking

  • unable to share pleasure

  • qualitative impairment in nonverbal communication

  • not pointing at an object to direct another person to look at it

  • lack of gaze monitoring

  • lack of initiation of activity or social play

  • unusual or repetitive hand or finger mannerisms

  • unusual reactions or no reaction to sensory stimuli


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