Meet The Team

Welcome to Pathways Therapy! Our team works with families across Victoria, Langford, Colwood and surrounds to provide individualized speech and language  therapy services. Get to know our team members by checking out their profiles below.


Nicole Currie

Clinical Director,
Registered Speech Language Pathologist

I became a Speech Language Pathologist because I value a person’s right  to functional communication. Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to work across varied settings and countries with clients of all ages and abilities. As time passed, I recognized that the next step in my career was to build my own practice.

This led me into partnership with Jamie, my husband, who possesses the healthcare management skills and experience required to create a harmonious balance between the clinical and non-clinical responsibilities of a practice. Since quality of service and care is at the core of our vision, our partnership allows me to focus on delivering high quality care, providing mentorship  to our team of  Speech Language Pathologists and offering early work experience to interns.

Our service delivery model is community-based and individualized.  We jump right into a person’s actual everyday communication environment and determine the course of therapy based on the individual’s needs. For families who require a more structured approach or when private assessment is required, we are able to provide service in one of our locations in the Westshore.  All these important decisions are made through a joint-goal setting approach where the client, families, clinicians and case manager share an important role.


Jamie Currie

Partner, Operations and Advocacy,
Registered Rehabilitation Professional

The goal of our practice is to ensure families have timely access to thoughtful, individualized therapy services. For us this means focusing on quality rather than quantity measures.   My role at Pathways is really about reintroducing Case Management and Advocacy which has been increasingly downloaded on to therapists and families. This allows us to ensure that our speech language pathologists not only maintain manageable workloads but also have the support to provide truly individualized therapy to families. It also means we are able to provide families with funding and advocacy support services not commonly found at other organizations. Every family we work with is different so it is really motivating to work on a team that is able to deliver this unique level of support!

When we’re not “in the office”, we look forward to getting outside to ski, bike and sail with our kids Jace and Micah

S Glen.jpg

Siobhan Glen

Registered Speech Language Pathologist

I became a speech pathologist because it combined my interest in science and challenging puzzles with a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others.  

Pathways’ collaborative approach to problem solving and their flexible nature attracted me to this practice. Families with complex needs require innovative solutions often not available in larger organizations.  The opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients is very rewarding and I take pleasure in discovering what motivates them to meet their specific communication goals. I enjoy getting to know each family in their everyday environments and collaborating with them to create unique therapy plans. 

In my free time, I like spending time with family, painting and reading fantasy books.

KVDP Photo3.jpg

Kimberley van der Pijl

Registered Speech Language Pathologist

What initially attracted me to the field of Speech Language Pathology was my interest in language development. What keeps me motivated is seeing first-hand the impact that communication has on one’s ability to form and maintain relationships. I find it incredibly rewarding to be involved in a client’s journey toward improving their ability to communicate and connect with those around them.

Pathways Therapy Service offers an opportunity for clients, their family and their speech language pathologist to develop and work towards functional, real-world goals as a team. I find it exciting to support my clients in a diverse range of environments alongside the people that are most important to them.

In my free time I enjoy going for nature walks and hikes, spending time with my family, and reading with a mug of tea at hand.

Volunteer Internship Program

Our interns are volunteers applying to Masters of Speech Language Pathology Programs. Interns will gain an understanding of speech therapy as a potential career path by shadowing our Speech Language Pathologists, as well as  providing resource development support for our practice. As part of their shadowing, interns may also act as conversation partners in role-playing scenarios.  

We welcome you to contact us if you wish to apply or have questions about the program.


Christina Hii

Speech Therapy Intern and Communication Partner



Stephanie Adamek

Speech Therapy Intern and Communication Partner

Congratulations Stephanie on your acceptance to the Master's of Speech Language Pathology Program at the University of Toronto! We look forward to seeing her back in Victoria.