Medico-legal Speech and Language Services

We provide medico-legal speech and language assessments, reports and therapy for children and adults. 

When is Speech and Language Medico-legal Report Used?

An individual needs a medico-legal report when a speech and language difficulty has resulted from:

  • personal injury caused by others
  • work related injury
  • clinical wrong doing 
  • criminal injury
  • birth injury

What is involved in a Speech and Language Medico-Legal Report?

A speech and language medico-legal report includes:

  • conducting formal and informal assessments to determine the existence of the individual's speech, language, communication or swallowing difficulty, as well as determining the level of severity
  •  reviewing an individual's case history, medical notes and other relevant documentation
  • providing recommendations for speech and language therapy treatment, and the cost of this treatment

Working Together

The first step is to contact us for an initial consultation. This will allow us to understand the individual's background, reason and time frame for the report and other important logistics. We will then work with you to schedule the assessments and provide follow consultation as required. If needed reports are provided within 2 to 4 weeks of the assessment.