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Autism Teen Escape Rooms presented by Victoria Society for Children with Autism

  • Quest Reality Games 1211 Wharf Street Victoria, BC, V8W 1T9 Canada (map)

The Victoria Society for Children with Autism invites you to join their Autism Teen Group for some great Halloween themed Escape Rooms!

They’ll have some lunch afterwards in the game room and discuss how our fate.

Please don’t choose a room you’ve done previously.

Please reserve a free ticket on Eventbrite if you are going to join us.

Zombie Apocalypse

You have just returned home from a trip away and discovered that your town has been stricken by a zombie plague! Where do you turn for help? You discover the local police station has been overrun by zombies, and in your search for help, you have stumbled into a secure area and become unexpectedly locked in! The doors can only hold the zombies at bay for one hour! You must uncover the secrets of what has caused the townspeople to be turned into ferocious zombies in order to escape and make your way to freedom before you too become the next victims of the Zombie Apocalypse!

Sorcerer’s Lair

Adventurers across the land have been inexplicably vanishing. Many believe they have fallen prey to an evil sorcerer who has been using them as subjects on which to test his evil black magic spells! What will become of you and your friends when you too are captured and imprisoned by the Evil Sorcerer? Will you have the wits to escape his enchanted lair, or will you become the next victims to his latest spell?

ALLERGY WARNING: This room contains real hay (face masks are available) and flickering lights.

For more information or to reserve tickets, visit the event’s website.